Ideas !


B: Pulla makes great French Toast, bacon on the side, coffee, newspaper

L: Meat Pie (Lihapiirakka) with coffee

D: Lenkki, insert cheese, wrap with bacon, in oven for 35 min 390 F, skin on, serve with mashed potatoes, Turun Mustard


B: Heated Karelia Pie, butter, Lappi cheese, prosciutto, coffee

L: Build fire in the woods, grill lenkki on a stick, Turun mustard, maybe a beer

D: Matjes Herring, new potatoes, chives, rye bread with cheese


B: Hot Meat Pie, coffee, pulla

L: Sliced Lenkki on rye bread (jalkiuunileipa)

D: Nakkikeitto (wienersoup) is a good start for the week -monday,monday...


B: Maple syrup on hot Karelia Pie, slice of pulla with coffee

L: Chopped egg with butter (munavoi) and herring on Karelia Pie

D: Kerbinetter


B: Rye cereal, maple syrup on top, maybe add some fruit

L: Empana North, heated up, salad

D: Cabbage rolls, lingonberry, Finn Toast with cheese


B: Meat Pastry, Cinnamon Rusk (Kanelikorppu), coffee

L: Meat Pie (lihapiirakka), cut pie, insert a wiener, ketchup, mustard

D: Pea Soup, meat from pork chop, cook with bone, rye bread, maybe pancakes too


B: Berliner (hillomunkki), coffee

L: Herring on rye bread, pulla with coffee

D: Stegt Flaesk with parsley sauce